What is Liability Insurance?

      Renting or owning office space, selling products or services, interacting with clients and vendors, and having a company website are just a few of the things that expose you and your company to liability risks each and every day, which makes this critical coverage to protect you from financial losses associated with potential claims.

      As longtime business owners, we know from experience that running a company can be both extremely rewarding and challenging at the same time. If you’re like us, you probably lose sleep regularly over all sorts of business-related issues, like whether your team will be able to meet pending project deadlines, or if you’ll be able to fill key vacancies on your staff, or, most worrisome, if your business is set up to last for the long-term.

      As your local insurance expert, Austin would like nothing more than to make sure you have fewer things on your plate to be concerned about. One of the ways we can help improve your peace of mind is by ensuring you have the optimal business liability insurance solutions in place that provide coverage for your unique company and industry risks. The right risk management plan for you might include:

      • Pollution Liability
      • Directors and Officers Liability
      • Fiduciary Liability
      • Liquor Liability
      • Employee Benefits Liability
      • Event Liability

      For three generations, the Austin team has assisted small- to mid-sized business owners like you secure the best liability insurance coverage options for their specific operation, while, at the same time, finding ways to save them money. Now, we would like to use our expertise to help you protect everything you are working hard to build from all different forms of liability risk and the associated financial losses.

      How Austin takes care of you and your business risk is different from all the rest.

      At Austin Insurance, we believe that the first and most critical step to helping you protect your business from liability risk should be for our team to pay you a visit at your place of business. This is the only true way for us to fully understand your insurance needs.

      We will examine all aspects of your company and thoroughly assess your current liability insurance coverage. After we complete this fact-finding phase of the insurance process, we will then seek out the best options for your company from the many top-quality companies that we represent. And, because we do our homework in such a hands-on manner, we can often get you more of the liability coverage you need for less money than you are currently paying.

      The only thing we truly want to sell you on is our unmatched level of customer care. Whenever you have an insurance question, need help filing a claim, or require some guidance, whether it’s insurance-related or about better risk management, our team will be “on it”. Providing you with a sense of peace of mind is always our priority.

      While you can always pick up the phone and get a real live Austin team member to help you, we also offer our business clients an easier, more efficient insurance process through modern technology, both on our website and in our office locations, that includes:


      A highly responsive online client portal, CSR24 allows our commercial clients to report a claim, request certificates of insurance, review current policies, and more, whenever you have the time, from wherever you are.


      With DocuSign, we are able to email your insurance documents to you for your review and you can simply provide an electronic signature and then send them back to us, without ever having to step out of your office or home.


      We use Skype to video chat with time-constrained commercial customers who appreciate a personal, face-to-face meeting when they require help, answers, and advice, but can’t stop everything they are doing to get assistance.

      We also want you to know that our support does not fade away after we write your liability insurance policy; we will be by your side at that exact moment when you need your insurance, and your insurance professional, the most – when you need to file a claim. A dedicated team member will assist you with paperwork, answer your questions, uncomplicate any issues that might sprout up, and much more. Once your claim is filed, our job still does not end; we feel it is our responsibility to work closely with you and your insurance adjuster to ensure that your claim is resolved promptly and fairly. You can count on Austin Insurance to be there 110% for you.

      To experience our personalized approach to insurance, please call the Austin Insurance team today at 781-447-5561.