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      What Are the Essential Insurance Solutions for Your Business?

      Your business faces the same exposures that companies have faced for centuries. However, in today’s world, there is also a whole new growing and emerging list of liability and security risks that your company should plan for. To protect everything you are working so hard to build, the Austin team will assist you in securing the best risk management solutions, from general liability coverage, to protection against cyber threats, for your specific operation.

      Whether you work out of an office building, warehouse, storefront, manufacturing facility, or your own home, we have no doubt that you have valuable property that you would like to protect from damage or destruction. That’s why our team will take a very hands-on approach to assess the value of all your physical assets and identifying all risk factors that you could face before we recommend a commercial property solution.

      If you or an employee are driving around in a company-owned, borrowed or rented vehicle, then it’s critical to work with an insurance agent who can expertly evaluate what commercial auto insurance coverages you need. Based on the types of vehicles you drive, where you drive them, how often you drive them, and many other important factors, Austin will determine the solution that offers the best protection in the event of an accident.

      Commercial Property

      Commercial Auto

      Business Liability

      What Does Your Insurance Professional
      Do for You?

      At Austin Insurance, we believe that there are some non-negotiables that you have the right to expect from your insurance agent. First, your insurance partner should be straightforward, always helping you fully understand your options before asking you to make any decisions. They should also have the highest integrity, letting you know whether they can get you better coverage or a more competitive rate than you already have. In addition, they should be not only friendly but also very professional, which means offering the latest technologies, having a well-known face and voice in the community, and always being available to answer your questions or concerns. Most importantly, we feel that your insurance agent should, at all times, prioritize doing the right thing by you, your loved ones and your business.

      If you’re not sure that you’re getting all this from your current agent, then you might want to find out more about Austin Insurance. We’re the team that will always be there to help, whether it’s a small task you need assistance with or an urgent situation. You can count on Austin’s local and knowledgeable insurance professionals to go above and beyond for all your needs.


      How Is Austin Unique?

      • We meet every potential client in person and personally inspect every property and business.
      • We use the latest technologies to make the insurance process easy, efficient, and enjoyable.
      • We have a dedicated staff member who is here to support you throughout the claims process.

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