Frequently Asked Questions: Auto Insurance

      Should I still report a claim if I was not at fault?

      Yes, any loss in which you are involved with should be reported. Your insurer will be able to provide guidance and be ready to serve you in the event that you do need to use your own coverage.

      Do I have to pay an insurance premium after my auto is declared a total loss?

      Yes, the auto is considered insured until the policyholder returns the license plates to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. If you don’t have your license plate because your auto was stolen or because your auto and plates were destroyed in a fire, you can go on line to the registry and cancel the plates. This receipt must be presented to your insurance company in order to cancel your policy and avoid paying any additional premium.

      What is the procedure once a claim has been reported?

      Once your claim has been reported you will be contacted by a qualified claims representative, who will take you through the steps necessary to conclude your claim. They will be able to answer any questions that you have during the claims process.

      When will my deductible be returned if I was not at fault?

      If another party was at fault, your insurer will take the necessary steps to recover the amounts they have paid, including your deductible, and return your deductible once the recovery process is complete.

      Should I contact the police if I am involved in an accident?

      You should always contact the police if your have an accident. If available, be sure to let us know the authorities contacted and the report number.

      May I choose any repair shop to complete the repairs to my vehicle?

      Absolutely. It is your choice where you have your repair work done, and our automobile appraisers will work with the shop of your choice to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

      Is it normal that my insurance company requests a down payment in advance when I purchase or renew my auto policy?

      Yes, they may request up to a 30 percent down payment of the annual premium prior to the renewal or issuance of your policy. Many companies offer an installment payment plan for the balance of the premium. You should always check with your agent to see what options are available to you.

      May I keep my vehicle if I have a claim and the insurance company declares it a total loss?

      The insurance company has the option to take title to your auto when it issues payment on your claim. The insurer is entitled to any salvage value your auto may have. You can, of course, negotiate with your company to purchase your auto for the agreed salvaged value.

      What happens if additional damages are found during the course of my repairs?

      These are considered supplemental repairs, and appraisers will work with your shop to make sure they are properly addressed.

      An object damaged my windshield and I’m unable to find the cause of the damage. Am I still covered for this loss?

      Yes, if you have comprehensive insurance you are covered for the full amount of the loss, unless you opted for a $100 deductible for glass breakage. The $300, $500, or $1000 deductible, or whatever you may have selected for comprehensive coverage, does not apply to a glass loss.

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